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Resources to help fight Spyware and Adware
- Rogue Suspect Anti-Spyware listing.     - Spyware Forum, (Threats)
Many applications that you may be installing to fight spyware, actually install it on your computer.  Check the Rogue Suspect anti-spyware list and you will be surprised at how many villains are out there.

Wikipedia .org
The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects:including an online dictionary, thesaurus, directory  of species, and free textbooks and manuals.

Better Writing
A creation of Australian writer Tim North.
Mr North is a technical writer, and educator at Curtin University of Technology, (Australia.) In addition to being a superb writer, he holds a Masters of Education, a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development, and a Bachelor of Science degree (with a major in Computer Science.) You will want to sample, and sign up for his free “Writing Tips” newsletter.

A Graduate of the Harvard Law School, a PH.D. candidate, in the Department of Economics at Harvard University, and “The” current, Empirical Research Geek Emeritus. Ben also serves as a consultant and testifying expert for government and Congress. Ben is destined to fight for consumers against spyware and malware at the Post-Doctorate level.

Free Serif   
Absolutely Free, a complete line of the very popular Serif Software, but not their most recent versions. These are complete applications that have not had any features removed. They are not trial versions either, so you can keep using them with no adware or advertising. The photo editing and draw programs help fill in where Windows functionality drops off.  If you like the free versions and want all the bells and whistles, you’ll find that...
Serif is the best software value, “Ever.”

The SpywareGuide List of Products show the largest list of  malware and all the other bad stuff available. This is a good place to check before you install any new products, or want to check out what is on your computer already/.

Microsoft Office Downloads
Now that Office 2007 is the current product, this link is hard to find.
It includes the Office updates downloads, converters,  and publications for all versions. Don’t forget that updating your version of MS Office is almost as important as updating your operating system.

 Source is the world's largest Open Source software development web site. (201,397 applications at last count.)  The Software map will help you quickly navigate around the thousands of projects hosted on They also run

Open Office .org
It may not be the Office Suite you really want, but it’s the one we all can afford. (Free.)  Furthermore, it’s not very  picky about what operating system you are using, or how powerful your computer is. You can save your documents as a “Word .DOC” and other Microsoft file formats. The entire suite works very well together, and has a few features that the other free suites don’t have.

Web Resources